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On March 9th, 1731 a group of 56 Canary Islanders arrived in Texas founding the first civil colony in Texas; the Villa de San Fernando, now San Antonio.  Part of the municipal land distribution of King Phillip of Spain was the Camposanto Cemetery, or sacred field.

The location of the cemetery was around the area of what are today Market Square and the Santa Rosa Hospital.  Between the two is a monument to the souls who are buried there.  During the daylight hours the area between the open market and the hospital is a bustle of activity.  Hundreds of people shopping, laughing, and smiling: it seems such a happy place out in the light.  As darkness falls and night creeps into the area though the inhabitants of the square are of darker and more evil sort.

When a mugging or fight occurs in the area people have reported seeing large dark shadowy figures rise up behind their victims.  Their appearance is that of a huge grim reaper with long flowing black robes and glowing red eyes, their skull like faces looking down on their victims.  Residents describe them as huge grim reapers with long flowing black robes that appear when people are at their weakest, when they are least in touch with their intelligence, when they are filled with anger.  The spirits appear almost to keep the area clean, to keep the place sacred, or to chase away anything bad.

Many have seen them, most run screaming into the night.  Those that don’t run, well let’s just say that we only have the stories from those that got away. 




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