The Chinese Woman
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The graveyard lies near Stinson Field on Mission Road. It's a lonely place, almost eerie. You do not feel as if you are alone though, and perhaps you are not. The ghost of a seven foot Chinese woman roams the headstones searching for her lover through the night and the many endless years.

The huge spectre is doomed to haunt the night because of the dishonor that she caused her family when the took her own life. Her unusual height caused her to become the target of ceaseless taunting and ridicule from other Chinese workers on the railroad and eventually led to her suicide.

Her dishonor condemned her to walk the earth for a thousand years. Rumor has it that after her death someone, supposedly an admirer, religiously placed flowers on her grave. It seems that that could not soothe her restless spirit and the flowers soon stopped with time.

Another version of the story says that the Chinese woman was killed in a fire. The brutality of death in the fire made her spirit restless. She now walks the night a giant disfigured phantom searching, perhaps for the person who started the fire, or maybe just anyone that crosses her path.



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