Hobo Joe
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Screams of pain echo through the darkness on the southeast side of San Antonio. They are the screams of a man dying trapped inside a blazing railroad car with no hope of salvation. They are the screams of a man known only as Hobo Joe, and they reoccur nightly at 11:45pm, the time the fire took his life.

in 1932 a fire raced though three boxcars one hot summer night. Joe was inside one and slowly cooked alive. Railroad workers and others tried desperately to save him, but to no avail.

After the fire no trace of his body could be found, was it completely incinerated? Now years later they say the ghost of Hobo Joe returns to the spot of his demise. Roaming the tracks and reliving the night of the fire. The horrible tragedy played over and over for anyone within earshot, the screams, the screams.



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