little flower shrine, san antonio
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basillica of the Little Flower Shring

The ghost stories of San Antonio are many, and steeped in the history of the town. The cities age gives it an advantage over the newer cities of the north in collecting ghostly inhabitants. Time marches on though, and places which once held ghostly inhabitants have now been developed and the ghosts fade into memory.

The "Angel" of Little Flower Shrine, 906 Kentucky Avenue is one such story. The area hasn't been developed but the ghost no longer appears, in fact it seems the ghost was only to appear for a limited time. Thirty or forty years ago something appeared that was no more than three feet tall, rang the tower bell, lept to the ground and disappeared. This strange little ceremony went on for four nights and then stopped, no one knows why this happened and it hasn't happened since, proving to be just an interesting story and a peculiar mystery from the past.