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Marcos De Niza High School

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I was excited to see Marcos De Niza High School, as it was named after one of the first Europeans to ever set foot in the area that is now Arizona and regions west of the Rocky Mountains. Fray Marcos De Niza led the second expedition into the Western United States searching for the lost cities of gold. Marcos was a Franciscan Friar, hence the “Fray” and the mascot of the High School, which is the Padres.

When the school was created the name was unanimously passed as residents knew of the role that Marcos De Niza played in the exploration of the area, and it’s rumored he passed near the spot of where the High School exists today.

Padres Logo

The Ghost though has nothing to do with Marcos, but with a construction worker that passed away while construction of the auditorium was going on in 1970. The ghost can be seen after 9pm trying to complete the construction job that he started so many years ago. People seldom stay in the auditorium alone after 9pm. Some students have even said they have heard voices or felt someone touch them when nobody is there. The Students have nicknamed the ghost Paco. The Theater department at Marcos De Niza High School is top notch, if you go you’ll see a good show, just remember that you’re not the only one watching, and something might be watching you.

Updated July 12th, 2009