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The Landmark Restaurant

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The Landmark Restaurant in Mesa is a beautiful old building constructed of wood painted dark brick red. It’s impressive stature and height are easy to understand once you learn that it was built as a Mormon Church in 1908. Several of the adjoining structures were added as the congregation grew until finally the building was too small to serve them and they moved on. An Insurance company moved into the building and occupied it for awhile. Then it was actually used as the first site for Mesa Community College.

In 1972 the first restaurant to occupy the location opened. The Landmark Restaurant opened its doors on New Year’s Day in 1981. With the age of the building it is not surprising to find that there are reports of supernatural activity in the restaurant. A ghost that the restaurant staff has affectionately named “Bea” turns faucets on and off – the faucets are now motion activated. Workers hear their names being called from the area of an empty host/hostess area.

The Landmark Restaurant Entrance

Voices of women can sometimes be heard in a downstairs hallway and an elderly gentleman walks the hallways upstairs. Rumor is that the 2nd step of the stairs going up from the downstairs area is haunted but there is an Air Conditioning Vent directly above that step. The Landmark, again, is a beautiful building, but it’s also a great restaurant with some really good food. If you hear your name being called from the wait staff area, it might not be questions about your meal.

Updated July 5th, 2009