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Lil Abner's Steakhouse Sign
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Lil Abner’s Steakhouse in Tucson is a great old place to eat, great food, great atmosphere and a ghost that leaves the customers alone. The area is an old one, originally it was the Butterfield Express Stage Stop in the early 1800s. Lil Abner’s opened up as a restaurant and bar in 1947.

The ghost is not from the long past of the restaurant, but is from the 90’s and once worked there at the restaurant. The Ghost is named George and used to be a maintenance man at the restaurant. George, perhaps maintaining his work etiquette does not bother the customers, and is considerably shy. The employees at Lil Abner’s have seen George and heard him as well. Apparently he would drive every so often to Mexico, but before he would go he would always have a large Coke at the bar. Some have seen him, dressed in all white, standing at the bar and drinking a large coke, disappearing moments later. Some hear things falling behind the bar and their names being called out only to turn around and find themselves all alone.

Another almost product placement type effect is that George apparently also loved to eat Cap’n Crunch Cereal. People have heard a crunching sound coming from his old room, almost like he is still enjoying some of his favorite old cereal. George is a harmless ghost, a friendly one and will not interfere with customers enjoying the good food they find at Lil Abner’s.

Other employees though feel that there are others haunting the area and have heard whispered voices and loud knocking on doors that have nobody behind them. Whatever the case that doesn’t stop the restaurant from firing up the mesquite grill and cooking up some great steaks. Stop in for a spell, and order a large coke.

Updated August 22nd, 2009