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Chandler High School

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Chandler High School is an impressive building, with huge columns and stunning architecture it’s like something out of a Hollywood Movie. Construction on the building started in 1921 and completed in 1922. The school, as well as the town of Chandler continued to grow and expand. The school has even added an Olympic Sized Outdoor swimming pool. Huge buildings and additions surround the original building known as “Old Main” but the beauty of the campus is still retained.

Chandler High School Front

Something lurks in the upper hallways north building of “Old Main.” Voices have been heard and sightings of “something” by both teaching and custodial staff. Some custodial staff refuse to clean that area because of what they have seen. So drive through beautiful downtown Chandler, it’s a beautiful city, but perhaps speed up as you pass the High School, something may be looking at you from the second floor as you pass by.

Updated July 5th, 2009