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Fox Theatre
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The Fox Theatre on Congress Street has reopened and has special movie events such as serials, classic movies, and hosts live acts as well. Originally the theatre was built in 1930 the current productions mimic what the building was originally built for, which was a vaudeville and movie house. It opened with a huge party during that time, they closed Congress, waxed the street for dancing and even had four live bands and a live radio broadcast. Something strange for that era as Amercia was suffering the great depression.

The Great Depression and the popularity of the Fox Theatre back in the day is probably the reason the ghostly figure is seen there. A man dressed in clothes reminiscent of that era will stop people and ask them for money, so that he can feed his family. The Fox Theatre was probably a good place for people who were suffering during the Depression to find people who had enough disposable money to attend the movies or theater.

Updated August 13th, 2009