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The OK Corral Gunfight Site Sign
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The Gunfight at the OK Corral is one of the most famous gunfights ever in the old west. On the afternoon of October 26th, 1881 the Earps confronted the McLaurys and Clantons between Fly’s Lodging House and his photographic studio. Snow was falling as the gunfight started, about 30 shots rang out in about 30 seconds. The fight ended on Fremont Street, which is now a major street through town. It is here that individuals have seen a ghost that most say is that of Billy Clanton, standing on the corner 3rd Street and Fremont Street. It is suspected that this is about where Billy died as well.

The Corner where Billy Clanton is said to appear

It appears the most of the ghosts are around the OK Corral as opposed to inside of it, though some will tell you that they see and hear things inside the corral. It was near the OK Corral that I had a strange experience in Tombstone. Right next door to the famous site is a nice city park. I was tired from spending most of the day in Tombstone and was waiting for a tour to start, sitting by myself at the picnic table closest to the corral. Suddenly I heard the sound of spurs right behind me, I turned around and the sound stopped and nobody was there.

I turned back around to the table and the sound happened again, like several quick footsteps, I quickly turned around again and it stopped again and there was still no one there. I thought for a second, am I hearing an echo of something off the OK Corral wall? Is it from someone dressed in period clothing inside the corral? Perhaps, the strangest thing is that it seemed to start when I was looking in a different direction, and stopped immediately when I turned around, almost like it was reacting to me. It seemed so close as well. If nothing else, visiting the OK Corral is very interesting and full of historical significance. Though, you might see one of the ghosts outside on the corner as you drive up.

Updated August 12th, 2009