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The Domes Overview
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The Domes in Casa Grande Arizona are a collection of buildings that were partially completed by a company to support a factory that was not only never built but never opened as well. The buildings are on Thornton Road just south of Interstate 8. They say that a dark figure can sometimes be seen running between the domes and that you can hear whispers around the farthest dome from the road. That you hear tapping noises on your car and that people feel uneasy when they are around the domes.

When I headed to the Domes I started out on Thornton north of Interstate 8 and just headed south. As soon as you cross over the Interstate 8 you can see the domes, but the pavement rather quickly and you are driving on a gravel dirt road. You instantly of course begin to hear tapping because the gravel is kicked up by your tires. So I’m not so sure about the reports of tapping on your car.

The Domes View

When I pulled up to the domes there was no way to pull up to them in your car as they are closed off by barbed wire fences with several “No Trespassing” signs on them. I parked on the road and got out and walked up next to the fence, you can see inside one of the domes, all of which are covered with graffiti, and inside that one dome you can see a lot of items scattered like someone used the place to stay, camp, live, or whatever you would like to call it.

There were a lot of footprints all over the side of the road, some of which lead up to breaches in the fence. I thought about going through the barbed wire fence, but the trespassing and considering a neighbor that drove up while I was there and turned up a road across from the domes just passed I decided not to.

No Trespassing

I cannot confirm any of the stories, and it seems like a great place for the homeless, or illegal immigrants that need a place to stay. People that would whisper a lot and run from people approaching, giving off a mysterious look, something that might scare some people. Add into the fact that you’re breaking the law going into the place you are sure to be nervous and excitable. I would not recommend going out here at all, especially at night, I could imagine, depending upon who is out there that this could be a very dangerous place.

Updated August 21st, 2009