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The Bella Union Sign
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The Bella Union wasn’t on my list when I first visited Tombstone, but was introduced by the Ghost Tour that I took, which was one of the best I’ve taken. You can find their tour here. I would highly recommend it.

The Bella Union looks like any of the other Saloons in the town, and is directly across the street from Schiefflein Hall. I passed it when I first arrived in Tombstone without thinking much of it. It was early and it was closed so I never looked at it twice. The Bella Union is closed and stays closed, providing the back drop for the stories that surround it.

The Bella Union was not only a Saloon, but housed, like many of the other Saloons did as well, cribs for prostitutes to work in. What was different about it was that it was also an opium den. It is rumored that the first owner, in an opium delirium, killed several people with a knife.

The Story gets really interesting when you find out why the Bella Union is closed today. The owner back in 2005 started experiencing things that were not of this world. Some say it was beyond the normal ghostly activities of hearing sounds or objects being moved around. Whatever it was caused the owner to close up shop, leave the building exactly the way it is and leave town.

As you walk by the Bella Union today you can look inside and it appears to be ready for business. Bottles of Liquor still sit behind the bar and all of the gifts in the gift shop are still on the shelves from four years ago. It is almost like the owner had just left the day before.

The Bella Union Inside

Something still dwells within the Bella Union though, and people say that the doll over the counter watches passersby and moves from time to time, and that the door at the top of the stairs leading up from the entrance on the street is sometimes closed and sometimes open. As creepy as those things sound, it has to pale in comparison to what the owner must have experienced. What type of things would you need to see to make you not even pack things up, just leave? How scared do you have to be?

Updated August 2nd, 2009