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The Aztec House

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The Aztec House sits across Fremont Street from the corner where they say one of the Clantons died from gunshots received during the gunfight at the OK Corral. It is said that drivers on Fremont see him standing on the corner and appearing to wave or shout angrily at their cars. The ghost of the Aztec house is similar in nature, in that it usually appears outside of the house.

Stop Sign Haunted by Clanton

The Lady in White is the ghost of a young lady that allegedly committed suicide after losing her only child to yellow fever. Her ghost roams outside and has been known to even block traffic on Fremont. Her legend is not unlike that of LaLorna, in that she has been seen roaming as far as Nine Miles away, searching the night.

Perhaps the apparitions are drawn to the Aztec house because of the antiques that it sells, perhaps it is there history that draws the phantoms in. Either way the Aztec house offers up some delightful treasures from yesteryear, some for purchase, some that sound a shiver down your spine.

Updated August 2nd, 2009