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The Schieffelin Hall
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When you learn of the name of the hall you would probably first guess that the hall was named for the founder of Tombstone Ed Schieffelin, but it was actually built by his brother Al Schieffelin, and named for him. The Hall was built as theatre in June of 1881 as the largest adobe building anywhere in the Southwest, opposite of the other theatre in town, The Bird Cage, this structure did not have cribs where prostitutes practiced their trade. Schieffelin Hall was where the more upscale individuals from Tombstone went to see the Theatre, please remember this was when the town was booming and attracting thousands of people to its Silver mines. This is kind of a weird fact when you find out the Bella Union right across Fremont street was an opium den.

This Theatre helped establish Tombstone as a regular stop for touring companies showing in cities as their moved from New York to San Francisco, being listed as the most notable theatre between San Antonio and San Francisco. The building also housed banquets, opera, professional boxing, roller skating parties and several events to raise money for special causes around Tombstone.

The advance of technology turned the Hall into a moving picture show in the early 1900s, yet since the Silver Mines had flooded and stopped production the town was emptying out fast and Tombstone slowly dying. The building remained mostly unused and empty for almost five decades, only the Local Masonic Lodge used the building. In September 1963 the building was bought by Historic Tombstone Adventures, eventually being donated to the City of Tombstone.

Today it is not only a National Registered Landmark but serves as the meeting place for Tombstone City Council meetings but also appears to host a number of ghosts as well. People have heard the sounds of chains, or spurs rattling around inside the building, once being heard by an entire ghost hunting tour. The sounds are especially heard during the City Council meetings, perhaps because City Council meetings can become so tense.

Some workers in the building have heard heavy breathing from behind them when nobody is present. They have come in the morning and found their office moved around and their computers turned on. People claim to capture a lot of orbs on film here as well. Whatever happens, it appears that someone, or something, still resides in the Hall.

Updated August 2nd, 2009