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Sam Levitz Furniture Warehouse Sign
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I remember growing up hearing Levitz commercials on the television all of the time, “you’ll love it a Levitz” is a jingle that still comes to mind when I hear the name. That was part of the National Levitz store though, which is now out of business. The Sam Levitz store was started in 1953 by Sam Levitz, who was also a member of the family that started the National Chain. The Sam Levitz store was founded in Tucson, and the stores are still only situated there.

Sam Levitz Furniture Warehouse

The store on 36th street was also attached to a large warehouse, and with warehouses, accidents can unfortunately happen. It is said that a worker was up on one of the warehouse racks, slipped and fell to his death. People have seen the man, who is going about his business, like he is still working at this job. He wears a black shirt and black hat, the uniform he used to wear when working. The company has tried everything to try to get the man to leave and not haunt the warehouse anymore, even bringing in Psychics to try to convince him to leave, but he still shows up and does his job, even though he died many, many years ago.

Updated August 13th, 2009