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Glendale Pizza Hut
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Driving out to this Pizza Hut Restaurant you almost begin to feel like you are driving out into the middle of nowhere. For miles you are surrounded by nothing but bare desert on either side of the road and the Glendale athletic complexes in your rear view mirror. As you start approaching it though you easily pick it out because of its big red roof, the Pizza Hut symbol of course, and behind it in the distance are what seem to be some housing developments spreading out, when I checked the maps later I found that there is a lot of housing units more to the West of the restaurant, just some emptiness between the highway and the restaurant.

The restaurant is supposedly haunted by the sounds of babies crying and the sounds of children talking can also be heard while sitting inside. I parked and went inside and excused myself from the hostess stand to not only use the restroom, it was a long drive for me, but also to check out the faucets in the facilities, as it is also said they turn on and off sometimes. I wanted to see if they were motion sensor driven, as those can give false on/off signals a lot. They were not sensors , a single handle on the one in the men’s room, tough to pull up as well as it was a bit calcified, if these faucets were turning on and off by themselves the ghosts had to be putting a lot of effort behind it.

Glendale Pizza Hut Inside

When I was seated I explained who I was and what I was there for and asked if she had ever heard anything or had any experiences, she slowly answered no and gave me a look like I was crazy, she had obviously never heard of any of the stories. I told her to never mind, ordered and sat politely waiting for my food. It was then I heard a child talking, I turned and there was a family in the back corner and the boy was talking about the pizza he was having. Though the voice I heard seemed unusually high for a boy of about seven or eight, but I dismissed it as simply the boy talking. I ate and left the building with nothing happening and no experience of my own.

I would recommend a visit though, still a decent pizza hut, clean and supposedly haunted by small children who like to turn on the water by themselves.

Updated August 22nd, 2009