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Picacho State Park Sign
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Picacho State surrounds Picacho Peak, which is an awesome mountain, approaching it on Interstate 10 it almost looks like some volcano rising up in the desert. Its geological significance and appearance has made the Peak useful to travelers since prehistoric time. One of the first recorded sightings of the Peak was by the Anza expedition in the 1700's. It was even the sight of a Civil War battle on April 15th, 1862 and was titled the Battle of Picacho Pass, the largest Civil War battle in Arizona.

Though it looks like it, it is not a volcanic cone but part of a volcanic flow that has been eroded away by time. The peaks base is famously known for its display of Spring wildflowers, covered with Mexican Gold Poppies.

The ghost that roams the area is one of the miners that flocked to Arizona in the late 1800s looking for their fortune. A man has been seen riding his horse from mountain to mountain, looking for his hidden stash of gold. He was apparently shot to death after hiding it and supposedly his gold still remains hidden somewhere in the area.

Updated August 22nd, 2009