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Orpheum Theatre Sign
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The Orpheum Theatre is a beautiful building, and sits in a great part of the downtown area. Though many strange things have happened at the theatre and have been experienced by staff and guests. After the theater was closed, a janitor was cleaning up and saw a dark shadowy figure move back and forth along the balcony above him.

Orpheum Theatre

Both staff and guests have had experiences in the bathroom at the Orpheum, sensing that something, not someone, was in the bathroom with them and experiencing small electrical shocks when they touch something in the facilities. Late at night, again after hours, all of the toilets in the restroom flushed and the faucets all turned on full blast.

They say that someone hung themselves in a crawlspace above the projection room, but there is no evidence to support that at all. Still though, it is a nice place to see a movie, and don’t worry, things only seem to happen after hours.

Updated August 22nd, 2009