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Jefferson Park Mesa Arizona

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Jefferson Park is located just north of US60 and is nestled between a housing development and some apartments and next to Jefferson Elementary School. It is a nice park with a baseball diamond and basketball courts, and quite a few large trees with nice shade, which is mandatory in Arizona. It’s a nice little park that would be good to visit if you live nearby, have a cook-out, etc.

The story goes though that many years ago there was a young lady attacked, raped and killed in the park. A story which is gruesomely counter intuitive to the atmosphere of the park during the daylight hours, one would not think that such a thing could happen in a peaceful place like this. During the night it is said that here ghost wanders the park, moving from tree to tree hoping to escape her fate.

Again, the park in the daytime doesn’t have that spooky atmosphere, but something strange did happen to me while I was visiting. I was walking back from taking pictures of the Park Sign for the website when I heard a child or small girl yelling “no, no, no” over and over. I smirked and thought, “somebody’s in trouble,” picturing a small child that was pulling away from his parent. The sound was echoing off the inside of the bathroom walls and when I walked in front of it there was obviously not anyone in the bathrooms.

Jefferson Park

I stopped for a moment and as the sound continued I realized it was the echo of a bird that was chastising a couple that had lain in shade underneath the tree that it called home. It really did sound remarkably like someone yelling no over and over again. Could this lead people to believe that a young girl was yelling no at her attacker at night? Possibly, I was fooled for an instant.

I didn’t go at night though and the park closes at 10pm, and I know one of the entrances has closing and locking gates, but didn’t see any on the other. I would be careful going there at night, just for trespassing reasons and raising the locals ire who live next to the park. Have a good time at the park and stay out from under a lot of the trees.

Updated June 21st, 2009