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Hotel La More/ Bisbee Inn

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Bisbee is amazing as it is built up on the side of a mountain, and the site on Chihuahua Hill that became The Hotel La More/Bisbee Inn gives one a great view of the city. Park below the hill and walk up as the road quickly narrows into almost a one lane road, though you will see signs that warn you that it is two-way traffic, so be very careful if you drive up. I found it easier to find places in Bisbee if I parked and walked around as my navigation unit got really confused with all of the intertwining streets in Bisbee.

Road Leading up to the Bisbee

The Hotel La More, now the Bisbee Inn, was built in 1916 by Mrs. S.P. Bedford but leased to Kate La More a year later on October 1st, 1917. The leased expired in the twenties and Mrs. Bedford continued to run the Hotel as the Hotel La More. The hotel changed hands a few times but in 1982 underwent a restoration to return it to its historic state and became the Bisbee Inn and Breakfast.

Several Ghosts haunt this hotel, one does not seem to like toiletry items and guest’s goods wind up on the floor. In another room a lonely ghost gives guests asleep in their beds a surprise as it climbs into bed with them, a depression in bed revealing its presence. A miner, fully dressed in his gear roams the hallways.

Hotel La More/Bisbee Inn Building

Outside the Hotel, on the stairs leading up to the hotel, a Lady in White appears traveling up and down, sometimes as only a white mist. So, again, park your car below, take the stairs up, but be nice to anyone or anything you meet going up.

Updated July 29th, 2009