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Fred Acosta Job Corp Sign
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The Fred G Acosta Job Corp Center is an amazing place, designed to help individuals who want to learn hands on career job skills and get great experience. There is no charge for the students or their families. Many students have learned valuable skills that have helped them go out and find employment in the world.

Some students it seems didn’t take advantage of what they were given though, and it seems that one young woman still haunts the second floor girls side, where it is said she committed suicide, slitting her wrists and drowning herself in the tub there. Showers turn on and off by themselves and people sometimes have dreams about this girl. On the first floor of the female dormitory, at 5 am in the morning, toilets flush by themselves over and over again.

In Room 509 mysterious unnatural lights enter the building, hang around for a bit, and then suddenly disappear. Weird happenings at the Fred G Acosta Job Corp Center occur at night, almost in opposition to all of the good things that happen during the day.

Updated August 13th, 2009