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Evergreen Cemetery Sign
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The Ever green Cemetery in Tucson Arizona is an older cemetery, with a lot of graves from not only the late 1800s but unfortunately a lot of gravestones of WWI and WWII Veterans. The Graveyard gives way about halfway through from older, crumbling headstones to simple placards, the dates of death becoming later and later.

Evergreen Cemetery

It was relatively silent on my visit to the gravesite, and thankfully for me it was during the day. I am sure that as darkness falls the place would become very, very creepy, as a lot of graveyards do. This one though just had an unnatural stillness to it while I was there. Not the Negative presence that others say they feel while there, but just no sound, it was weird.

Others say that they can hear voices of young children playing when no one is around. It was hard for me to believe that as I did not hear a lot while I was there. Though, perhaps I was just not in the part of the cemetery where the ghosts of the departed children roamed.

Updated August 22nd, 2009