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The Crystal Palace Sign
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The Crystal Palace is a great location, one of the original “named” places from the original Tombstone, the building is different, but that’s because of the fires that have hit the city over the years. At first the location was called the Golden Eagle Brewing Company, but was renamed The Crystal Palace after it burned down and was built up to two stories afterwards, providing office space on the upstairs. It was once used by Virgil Earp, when he was the Marshall of Tombstone and the Deputy United States Marshall.

The Saloon apparently did not see much trouble because of Virgil being upstairs, and some say that if you are rude or obnoxious to the wait staff today, that the ghost of Virgil may react to you and give you something to make you think twice about doing that again. Supposedly a man who was not only rude to the waitresses, but also touched them a little more than he needed to walked into the bathroom. As he was washing his hands he noticed an older, taller man standing behind him dressed in period clothing, he turned around and nobody was there, he quickly glanced back at the window and the man behind him pulled him by the arm and pushed him up against the wall with, what seemed like, an arm in his throat. He quickly tore out of the place and never returned, would never go near the Crystal Palace again. Folks say that Virgil would do things like that back when he was alive, and it seems he does the same thing now. No funny business or rudeness allowed in the Crystal Palace.

The Crystal Palace Sign

Other things happen in the Crystal Palace, voices can be heard when the building is closed and no one is around, the lights go on and off as well when the establishment is closed. They have some old roulette wheels hanging on the wall that sometimes just spin by themselves, not harshly, but seemingly like someone is moving them just ever so slightly. Others hear voices and footsteps, some say it’s not only Virgil Earp haunting the place, but Big Nose Kate as well, who frequented the place when she was alive.

The Crystal Palace may be haunted but when visited it was an enjoyable place to sit, rest and have some great food. If there are spirits there as well, as long as your polite and civil, we don’t believe them to threaten you or intend harm to you. Sit a spell, drink in the history, and engorge yourself on some really good food.

Updated August 9th, 2009