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The Cochise County Courthouse Sign
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The Cochise County Courthouse is in Bisbee Arizona, a reflection on how powerful and large Bisbee was when it’s mining was in full swing up until the seventies. The Courthouse is a huge and impressive stone building, standing impressively in Bisbee, surrounded by older more archaic type of buildings. The County base was moved from Tombstone early in the twentieth Century after the mines in Tombstone died and Tombstone suffered some major fires. Bisbee was the obvious choice and the courthouse has remained here since then.

The Cochise County Courthouse

The Building is large and impressive, and the workers and visitors have seen more the non-living history of the place in the form of a ghost that roams the halls and courtrooms. It is said that the ghost is that of the first judge to work at the courthouse, Judge John Ross. His grandfatherly figure has been seen rushing through and sometimes sitting staring off into nothingness, and the smell of his cigar can be smelt at those times as well.

Some of the workers refuse to go into the jail by themselves, convinced that the judge is there for some reason, but they would rather not find out that reason by themselves. You can understand that, not only would they be facing a ghost, but one of a judge that might be there to sentence them.

Updated August 12th, 2009