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Farm Road 666

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The house on the corner of Ninth and Ash in Tempe Arizona is fast approaching its 100th Birthday. The house was built in 1910 by William Moeur, a significant figure in Tempe’s early school development, and his wife Mary. William was brother to B.B. Moeur, a well known physician who served as the Governor of Arizona from 1933 until 1937, serving two terms in Arizona during the height of the Great Depression.

William and Mary both lived and died in the house, William passing away in 1929 and Mary in the 1940s. The house continued to be used as a residence, some say a boarding house, and there have been rumors of a bordello, until 1973 when it was refurbished for a restaurant called, appropriately, “Ninth and Ash.” This restaurant did business until 1986 when it was purchased and taken over by its current inhabitant “Casey Moore’s” Oyster House.

The place s a local favorite of the college crowd from nearby ASU and can be a hopping place on the weekend nights. Don’t get me wrong though, it was still voted the best bar for conversation and with the spacious wrap around patio and cozy tables inside one can understand why. They offer seafood, drinks, 28 beers on tap, and, considering the building’s age it’s no surprise, ghosts.

The building has had its share of next door neighbors, and multiple independent residents, around the 4am hour, have reported seeing a couple dancing in an upstairs room, some have seen a faint glow from the upstairs window as well. Police have been called to the building and have always found that the alarms are still set and nobody inside. They say the dancing couple is that of William and Mary Moeur themselves, still enjoying the house that they built to live in so many years ago. They seemed to have embraced what the building has become.

Other spirits have been seen and strange things have happened to workers and customers as well. Forks have flown off tables upstairs, and always manage to hit the same spot on the wall. Tables and chairs and place settings laid out the night before have been found moved and rearranged in the morning. Paintings have come crashing down from the wall in front of a room full of customers and lamps above tables swing on their own accord.

The other spirit seen by customers and workers is that of a young woman with light eyes and dark black hair. Some say she was murdered by a male acquaintance that couldn’t take no for an answer, or others have whispered it was a trick gone bad, remember the rumors of the bordello. She appears out of the corner of your eye and is there until you meet her gaze and then just disappears.

When you visit be nice and if strange things happen don’t fear as the ghosts seem to have embraced the restaurant and party atmosphere. It’s a great place for lunch and to meet and chat with friends. If you see something just smile and ordered another round, it’s just a ghost.

Updated June 29th, 2009