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Casa Grande National Monument Sign
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The Casa Grande National Monument in Arizona is Fantastic, and the “Great House” is so tall above the flatter surrounding desert that you can see it from far off as you approach. The Monument is an ancient Hohokam farming community, the “Great House” seems to be a place of worship or an observatory of some kind, one of the small circular windows on the back of the structure aligns with the setting sun on the summer solstice (June 21st), and other windows and doorways also align with the sun or moon at significant ties during the year. The windows perhaps used the windows as an observatory and calendar.

Casa Grande National Monument Great Building

The compound was built by the Hohokams was built around 200 B.C. and was occupied by them until around 1300 A.D., which almost makes you wonder if the area was as much of a desert as it is now, otherwise why would they build a big a community as they did there? Some say they have seen the ghosts of Indians performing strange ceremonies at the monument. They seem to be residual haunts, and do not interact with people, but just carry out their ceremony.

It is also said that if you are driving on the nearby roads at the base of Casa Grande mountain late at night, or walking there, a cloudy black mist will appear and follow you or your car as you move through the desert.

Updated August 21st, 2009