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Carl Hayden High School Sign
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Carl Hayden High School is located close to Downtown Phoenix. It’s security gates make sure that nobody can get in during hours the school is closed, or perhaps it’s to keep the ghosts that haunt the High School inside. A promising Cheerleader with the class of 1989 hoped to graduate and work for the Arizona Cardinals, who had just moved to Phoenix. She was caught smoking marijuana, and with the anguish of losing her spot on the High School Cheerleading squad, and with her hopes and dreams of a future of cheering for the Cardinals seemingly going up in smoke she committed Suicide.

She is still cheering at the school though, and people have seen her, especially when they spend a late night at the school. A softball team, spending the night in the gym saw the cheerleader going through her routine, and then abruptly disappearing as soon as the routines are done.

Out on the football field, another spirit is running perhaps hearing her cheers. Apparently the player tragically broke his neck during a game. Now, during the night people see him still running plays and carrying the ball on the field in the dead of night. Again, the School is heavily protected, but who knows if it is to keep us out, or them inside.

Updated August 21st, 2009