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Aunt Chilada's Sign
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There are two distinct types of places that I love to visit in regards to haunting, those are hotels and restaurants. You sometimes come across some great gems that you would want to come back to when you’re not researching the ghost story. Aunt Chilada’s, which rests by Squaw Peak Mountain in Phoenix is one of those places. It is not only a hopping restaurant, live music, plasma televisions, a huge garden patio (seats 200) and great party atmosphere and specials, but it is also an older building, originially built in the 1890s. The original building was a supply depot and general store for miners. The local mercury mine was so close that as they walked up to the store they would get high from inhaling the mercury from the mines, by the time they got inside they were dreamy, hence the name of the street “Dreamy Draw.”

Mining stopped in the 1930s and the building changed from a store to a restaurant and saloon, The Peek Steakhouse. The restaurant getting its name from a revealing window placed above the bar (Now the Tienda). Then, women would climb up top and perform a sensual dance while patrons “peeked” up through the window. This made the Steakhouse extremely popular in the area.

Aunt Chilada's Building

In the 60s it was “George’s Ole’” and then in 1983 it became Aunt Chilada’s. The ghost that haunts the place is rarely seen, and for someone researching a story the busy place almost makes you forget what you are there for. The ghost is that of a young lady, and when she was seen back in the 80s she was dressed in Victorian clothing and appeared to be pregnant. Now, while she hasn’t really been seen since then they have sometimes heard a lady whispering when no one is present. Doors that were locked are sometimes found open and lights mysteriously turn on and off. She is said that she doesn’t really disturb customers in the banquet room where she stays but that sometimes you do feel cold spots.

Visit the restaurant, even if you don’t see the Victorian lady you will definitely enjoy some good food and have a good time.

Updated August 21st, 2009