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4 Peaks Home Entertainment Office Development Sign
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When I first drove up to 4 Peaks Home Entertainment I was not sure if the place still existed. It is a Business Park, looks like a lot of business offices, and 4 Peaks was not listed anywhere, not even on the door of the unit that they are supposedly in. I looked inside that unit at the door, as it appeared that some lights were on, and I think I saw some business cards on the front counter that had “4 Peaks” on it, so it may indeed still be there. This is a business and probably not interested in entertaining ghost hunters, and they were closed the morning I stopped by.

They supposedly have a cage in the back where they store supplies, I could not see anything from the front door, looked like just office space to me. I the cage, especially after they are closed and darkness has descended, there have been sightings of the ghost of an ex-employee who allegedly overdosed on heroin. They say that he was one of those individuals that was always depressed and hated everything and everyone. Now that he has passed it seems that he is still acting out his frustrations. Tools will suddenly fall off the walls without warning and loud banging can be heard coming from the cage area when no one is there.

Again, this is a business and is probably more interested in doing business than entertaining ghost hunters, and the ghost that dwells there doesn’t seem to be one that wants to see people either.

Updated August 16th, 2009