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Investigating Ghost Stories Since 1989

Dark Haunts is a site dedicated to ghost stories, ghost sites, haunted houses and their locations. We find it fun to explore the paranormal, research the ghost story and then go and visit the allegedly haunted location. With the explosion from shows such as Ghost Hunters and others we have started to detail out our investigations and provide details of the haunted sites and locations. We have eaten in haunted restaurants, stayed in haunted hotels and explored the haunted cemeteries. Our goal is to not only chronicle our ghostly adventures, but try to help pass the ghost stories to all of you! The Ghost Index button above, and the door next to this will take you to the State Index of the Ghost Story locations! Enjoy and if you have a story or information we don't have, please feel free to contact us and pass it on, we would appreciate it!!

Thanks, and Happy Haunting.

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